Frequently asked questions

How do I know that the VPN is connected and everything is working properly? After you connect to the VPN server, you will see green OpenVPN icon in system tray.

Also, you can verify your IP address at special web sites:, or for example. If your new IP address matches the IP address of the VPN server - you are connected successfully.

Does your company keep logs of user activity? We do not keep logs of any user activities.
Are there any rules and what happens when they are violated? Our terms are listed here. By registering, you agree to these terms, in case of violations of which you may be denied use of service without refund.
Do you offer a trial access to VPN? No. If you want to try our service, you can buy a standard package for the minimum time (day) and make all your required tests.
If the service stops working, whether there compensation? Sure. If we cannot provide service for a long time, we will pay full compensation to our clients. In the case of short-term disruptions, we will add extra time to active packages.
What types of VPN do you provide? All our packages include all three types of VPN: L2TP VPN, PPTP VPN and OpenVPN. Please look for comparison table at prices page.
What payment methods do you accept? We accept WebMoney WebMoney (WMZ), BitCoin (USD), Perfect Money (USD), PayPal (USD), Yandex.Money (RUB), Visa and Mastercard (RUB). The official exchange rate of US Dollar against the Russian Ruble is calculated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
How to pay for the service? Register or log in to the user dashboard. Add your desired package, or click the link "renew package" in front of the package. After choosing the payment method you will be redirected to processing page. After confirmation, your package will be activated / renewed automatically. You can always put money to your balance by clicking the link "add funds", which is located in the upper right corner.
What should I do if I can't connect to VPN? If you use OpenVPN, please try TCP connection instead of UDP. If you continue to experience troubles, please contact our support team.
Is it legal to use VPN? Yes it is! Using VPN is illegal only in Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.
Can I share my account to another person? You can share but you can't use the same package for connection by more than one person. It's prohibited by our terms.