VPN Technology

What is VPN? How does it work?

VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) technology creates a secure tunnel between your computer or mobile device and one of our servers. Any request you make to download or upload data, like viewing a website or making an FTP transfer, will be routed through an encrypted tunnel stopping third parties from eavesdropping on the content.

VPN technology is widely used in a corporate environment to organize secure access to company files and the secure communication for remote employees. VPNLUX offers private users to take advantage of this technology.

Advantages of VPN

  • Protection of personal data
    By encrypting incoming and outgoing traffic the internet service provider is unable to view and analyze user web history logs. Also the internet traffic is protected from intruders outside when using the public WiFi networks or mobile devices.
  • Improved protection from attacks
    Professionally configured VPN firewall protects you from external threats.
  • Online anonymity
    The owners of visited resources cannot see the actual IP address of the user and therefore his real location.
  • Changing IP address
    Users sometimes need to have the IP address of another country, for example, to access content blocked geographically (online gambling, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, etc.).
  • Bypass filters and unlock applications/content.
    VPN is the best solution to bypass the content filtering in countries with the Internet censorship or in the corporate network.



All our packages include all three types of VPN: L2TP VPN, PPTP VPN and OpenVPN! User may choose any suitable type of VPN or switch to another type at any time. Detailed specifications are listed below:

Encryption MPPE 128-bit 3DES 168-bit,
AES 256-bit
RSA 2048-bit,
AES 256-bit
Compression MPPC MPPC LZO

VPNLUX Features

The main purpose of VPN - identity protection and keeping your computer anonymous.

Standard VPN

Person without VPN Standard VPN user

Double VPN

Double VPN is intended for users who pay special attention to their safety and anonymity. Double VPN allows you to use a chain of two servers. Encrypted data is first routed through server entry point, then through the server exit point, and then to the Internet. Thus, there is a double encryption, dual protection. Your IP address will be same as the IP address of the exit point.

Double VPN user

Unique technologies

Unlike competitors who use port forwarding and call it Double VPN, VPNLUX offers a true, genuine double-VPN. It's our unique technology LuxDouble based on real server-to-server tunneling.
This technology allows you to use our own DNS-server. It protects users from DNS-spoofing and provides reliable security to user accounts, online banking, online shopping etc. Our DNS-server is assigned automatically to the user after connecting to any type of VPN.